Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well, actually my external hard drive does. Ever since I moved into my new house in July, it has been causing me problems. It is soooo slow... takes forever to open up files (this is where all my data files are stored - like the gazillion photos I have...), tends to freeze up, and now it is telling me it is not formatted and needs to be formatted, do I want to do this now?


Because I am pretty sure that would wipe off all the data in the thing and I would be ready to kill it... smash it with a hammer or something... out of rage that it destroyed so many things that are precious to me.

So tomorrow I am picking up an 8GB flash drive to transfer all the data to, so I can reformat the damn E:/ drive and hopefully get it back up to snuff. I actually found a nice little flash drive for under $30! Can't beat that!

This better work.... if I lose anything I will most seriously pissed off. And I can't do any of the posts I have planned because I can't upload any photos! I have things planned... and none are coming to fruitition because of technical difficulties.


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