Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So... I Googled my blog name...

... because it is kind of cool to see where you fall on the list of cyber searches ... and came up with a bunch of images. Some were totally expected. Like this, which is just too cute:

Then... I came across this one, of a stone carving in Europe - Oslo, I believe the caption under it said... looks like it is depicting an adult woman with children playing "horsie", riding on her back. Kind of interesting... looks like part of a larger display of stone statues depicting family activities and something that parents around the world do, I am sure.

But then... I came across these and thought .... WTF!!!!

It turns out, with further investigation, that 'Ponygirl' play is a form of bondage... I had NOOOO idea when I chose the name for my blog that this even existed! I named my blog Ponygirl Ponderings because of the horses (real ones, by the way.... just see some previous posts) in my life.

You can even buy books detailing the training of Ponygirls for submission, and all that goes with it, I guess (just surmising here, as I haven't read any of them and really don't want to, thanks very much...).

There is a magazine dedicated to this, uh, 'sport' as well - Equus Eroticus - but I decided not to put a picture of their cover up as it is pretty explicit.

All I can say is... THOSE Ponygirls are waaaaayyyy weird! And my blog didn't even make the search list.....


  1. Hi ,

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  2. I laughed when I read this post because the first time I saw you comment on WW's blog (or was it HE's blog first? I forget) I immediately and excitedly thought I had stumbled upon a fellow submissive and assumed your name meant you were into pony play in the bdsm context. I quickly discovered that isn't your thing and realized the real reason for the name.

  3. Hi Anna.

    I laughed too, when I saw what was out there regarding 'ponygirl'!! I had no idea! And I am not submissive or into the bdsm thing at all.... It was quite interesting researching it a bit further once I discovered this, though! I guess there are other meanings for so many words that any blog name could be construed to be something else.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope the babies and you are well.

  4. Crikey!!

    I thought Ponygirl was just that, someone who loves horses.

    Crikey 2.

    Pam ...(who scurries off and re checks her latin :) )


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