Sunday, October 5, 2008


Getting these two to do any office work is like pulling hen's teeth....

They tend to lounge around and waste the day away doing stuff like..... sleeping!

"Wha...? You want me to do something? What? Load the printer with more paper... well, okay.... if you insist..."

"Where do we keep the paper again?"

"Is it in here....?"

"Is it up there...?"

"Alright, already... I'll close it when I'm done.... OKAY??!!!??"

"Blah, blahblah blah BLAH!"

"No.... I didn't say anything...."


"Okay.... I think I found it."

"Noooo... I am NOT dawdling...."

"Gimme a minute, will ya! It's hard to handle this stuff when you don't have fingers! Sheesh."

"I'm on my break. I'll get to it in 15 minutes."

"GAWD! This job is way too physical!!"

"I need to rest...."

"I was NOT sleeping on the job! Really, I wasn't...."

"I'm ready! For what.... I don't know.... but I am ready... honest!"


  1. Awww they're so cute!! I wouldn't mind them not helping, so long as they continue to be cute :) lol

  2. They are so beautiful, heart meltingly adorable. Get on pretty good too by the looks of it, cat makes itself at home and dog is a good electric blanket to snuggle up to.

    Animals are so much fun.


  3. Stace: They don't help at all, except that the cat (Pips) crawls all over everything, sending pens and any small objects flying, plays with the papers and tries to chew on the computer cords.

    Pam: I love them to bits, they are a real hoot, and the cat loves to snuggle with the dog. She even cleans Zoe's face and ears, which the dog tolerates with quiet graciousness.


  4. Your furkids are absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing them with us. Thanks, too, for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.


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