Wednesday, October 22, 2008

REPARO! (waves wand madly about...)

Well, I have started on the repairs to the house. After the fiasco with getting that damn cat (sweet little Pips) out of the heating duct (scroll down a few posts and read all about it if you want to pee your pants laughing!), during which I trashed the livingroom wall in one corner and ripped out part of the basement ceiling, I am seriously wishing for a magic wand ala Harry Potter so I can get it done with no fuss or muss.

I used metal duct tape on the two ducts in the livingroom wall that I cut into. Since I couldn't tell which duct the cat was in, I naturally had to cut both open because the first one was (you guessed it!) the wrong one. At least the metal tape is a pretty permanent fix and I won't have to replace those sections of duct. Because that would likely entail ripping out even more of the wall and I ain't goin' there! That is too much like work...

My girlfriend and her hubby built a house last year and had some pieces of drywall lying around their basement, so she kindly donated enough to allow me to patch everything up for only the cost of the drywall screws and the mud to fill the cracks.

Considering how much that damn cat cost me, it's a good thing I don't have to pay for someone to fix the mess I made. But I had no idea drywall was so heavy! In the past, I have only handled quite small pieces.

The ceiling piece needed to be 45 x 80 inches. Well, that size, which Girlfriend just happened to have, wouldn't fit in my Blazer, so we had to cut it into two pieces. Which were not halves, of course.

Now, the ceiling needs to be covered up asap, as I figure because Pips is running around and playing again after her ordeal, she will soon look up and realize there is a jungle gym in them thar walls. The last thing I need is ANOTHER freakin' heart attack as I rip out more walls trying to rescue that damn cat! (Maybe I should just change her name to THAT DAMN CAT.... seems that is what I have been calling her lately...)

So I got the smaller of the two pieces up in the basement ceiling, after nailing a piece of strapping across the framework so I would have something to screw it to. That wasn't too bad.

Then I tried to hold the other piece in place and screw it in as well. Holy crap! I just about put my back out trying to do that! A 45" x 47" piece of drywall is actually too heavy and awkward for me (and I am not a small woman - I am 5'9" and have good upper body strength) to hold in place with one hand while the other hand is trying to manoeuver the drill. I tried three times. And then gave up.

So tomorrow evening, a friend is coming over to help with this two minute job, which is all it will take, really. I just need a second pair of hands. I need to be an octopus for some of the things I have to do around here, but since I am not, I have lured him over with promises of chicken curry for dinner as payment for that piddly-ass little bit of work! He figures it's a steal of a deal - home cooked meal for almost nothing.

Of course, I then get the pleasure of his company for the remainder of the evening, so I think it is a pretty fair deal! I will post more pics later after I actually get all this done. I don't think I have any paint left over for the livingroom either. ((sigh)) Which means I will have to go out and buy some - of both colours - to finish it off completely.


  1. cats and horses eh? Enough to give you a nervous breakdown and make you poor for ever. Think I'll swap all mine for a hamster!

  2. Well, at least you know what to do and you're saving some serious money doing all the labor yourself. Having the friend over is just a bonus. I'm sure you'll share good laughs over this.

    Lucky, lucky cat.

  3. Ziggi: With my luck, the hamster would cost me a fortune as well. Seems to be my lot in life to care for these creatures that need major veterinary intervention... or, in Pips' case, divine intervention! Ha!

    Eros: Saving money is what it's all about - just wish I didn't have to do all the labour myself. But you're right, having my friend over is definitely a bonus!

  4. Hi Ponygirl, Nice work getting that cat out. He owes you big time.

  5. Hiya Ponygirl! Thanks for the visit, and also for the plug over at Scott's place! I've read both posts about That Damn Cat -- and am still rolling on the floor laughing! You're right, you've gotta change the name. Pips just doesn't do it! I see you and I have Homoescapeons in common, as well as a love of horses! And Scott's glassworks, of course! And say - when you're done with the repairs on your house, wanna come over and help me with mine? Or leastways, can I borrow your wand?

  6. Tom: Thanks... and yes, That Damn Cat does owe me big time! Good thing she's a cute, punk of a cat who is really funny and affectionate... or I would have strangled her on the spot.

    EC: Hey there and you're welcome! I laugh about it now a lot, but still remember the terror of having to fish a dead cat out of the ductwork.

    My wand only worked a bit so far - got my friend to help with the ceiling drywall and lots of curry eaten. I will be tackling the livingroom walls this weekend. If all works well, I wil UPS the wand to you asap, okay??

  7. If you need more work done let me know -I'm known to be handy at times. Plus I could use a good...home cooked meal.

  8. Why, thanks, Rich, for the offer! I'll let you know if I need more help.

  9. Bloody Cat!
    I commend you for not entombing that damn cat behind your new ceiling. There must be an award for this sort of thing.

  10. Well, Mr. Coppens (my, aren't we formal now!), That Damn Cat has managed to worm her way into my heart big time so her affections and non-costly antics (to herself, my wallet and the house) are very much enjoyed! Don't know if I deserve any kind of a reward, but I did get lots of help with the drywalling, so that is a bonus!

  11. My, the cat allows you to learn everything about your house and come to places yet unknown - hail cat! :)

  12. Pam......your beautiful home is starting to look like a crackhouse. I'm sorry but it's true.
    Poor old cat, I'm thinking it was looking for quiet confinement? To heal, just a thought.

    Pam2 :)

  13. I had a good look at that damn cat's face, it looks like it's planning something, I don't know what, but it's cooking something up.... :)

    Tell her you are thinking of making nice furry slippers out of her if she misbehaves again....she need not know you don't mean it, just measure up her body and your foot while whistling Three Blind Mice...

  14. Pam, I have told Pips in no uncertain terms that if she does anything like this again, she's going back to the barn from whence she came.

    She's not even two years old! The silly git has cost me almost the same as the old cat, which is 14.

    She was trying to get out of the room she was in - does not take well to confinement in anything smaller than the whole house! I won't be doing that again, unless she's hogtied with duct tape and weighted with cinder blocks.

    And the house is almost repaired now, so the crack house look is out! ;-)


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