Monday, October 13, 2008


I feel like I am back in Vancouver. I lived out that way for 3 1/2 years a while back and moved back to the Prairies because I was bloody sick and tired of freezing my patootie off! The damp chill there just drove me batty. Didn't get that SAD from the grey gloomy skies (that would be Seasonal Affective Disorder or major depression from decreased serotonin production due to chronic and extended lack of sunlight) but was just absolutely chilled to the bone cold all the time. Well, except in August when there would be three weeks of heat, which is what they call summer out there.

For several days now we here in what is soon to become Winterpeg have been subjected to West Coast weather. It is rainy, wet, chilly (it is all of 5C right now and the high for the day is a stifling 7C!). The leaves are plastered all over everything except the trees, in yellows and browns and the occasional red or orange.

There are worms all over the sidewalks and roads. It smells like mashed worms out there. I don't know how they can even move, it is so cold out there! But they are struggling valiantly to get to somewhere.... and getting stepped on or run over in their efforts. One saving grace is we don't get those huge banana slugs that look like moving dog turds.

Even though it is only Thanksgiving, I will take snow over this rainy crap any day. I feel like my universe has shifted and somehow deposited me back on the Wet Coast.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your recovery is going well--and did not affect your Thanksgiving meal too badly.

    That's funny how you prefer snow to rain. I like rain; snow is fun but then it's so much work to shovel out a path! As much as I complain about humidity, I'll take a hurricane over a blizzard any day. When I visited some friends in Arizona, they complained about the heat; I was like, What heat? There's no humidity! This is nice!

  2. Eros:

    Having lived in places both wet and dry, cool and hot, I will take dry any day. I would like the hot too but don't live in San Diego anymore....

    Here in Winnipeg, it tends to be very dry in the winter, which makes the cold much easier to take cuz you can dress for it - well, except when it is colder than -40C and then you just stay inside! And it doesn't snow much when it is that cold anyway.

    Recovery is coming along nicely, thanks very much. Couldn't eat as much as I usually would for Thanksgiving dinner but enjoyed it all the same!

  3. This is the thing that I have noticed, even tho' ole Winnipeg turns to Antarctic weather conditions, you all keep a great sense of humor, in fact...every damn Canadian has this great humor thingy.

    .....and u think (now knowing the scary/cold weather over there)....where does this come from??

    Okay another brainstorm for ya...check out Brisbane (Australian city in state of Queensland), google Brisbane, her weather, everything...beautiful all year round weather, beautiful one day-perfect the next...and they are short on NURSES!!!!! I am trying to think of how our wages compare, but keep in mind some places offer cars and houses to entice staff over too...How about a few years in Oz?

    Rent your house out over there, do Oz. Also, there is a bit of a shortage on women, especially around the mining centre towns/cities, like 40 men to 1 woman some places...These guys are nice, country men too. Good, funny old Aussie blokes. Fun.

    Just thinking out loud.

    Medical staff shortage here incredible....importing Docs and Nurses as much as we can get..


  4. Hey PamOz:

    I have thought about Oz off and on, but have spent so much of my life moving around from place to place, that I am now quite content to stay where I am. I just bought my house a few months ago and am just really starting to get settled in. But I will check out Brisbane anyway on google. Maybe just need a good long visit!

    Not sure where the Cdn humour thing comes from - guess if we didn't all laugh, we'd go frickin' nuts! Especially those of us in Winterpeg - check us out in Feb. when we all have cabin fever.

    Actually that's when a trip to Mexico for some heat comes in handy!

  5. I am totally depressed from this greywetblahbullsh*t!
    I need some SUN!

    especially since you-know-what is only a few weeks away..

  6. Donn: Better get outside today to get your serotonin levels up then!

    And yes, you-know-what IS on it's way but hopefully not for at least another month or so. I'd like to see a brown Hallowe'en, thanks.

    *hands Donn a Kleenex




  8. I'll take snow over rain any day of the week thanks. Really cold or really hot please.


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