Monday, May 12, 2008


I live in an area of Winnipeg that is close to some parks and two rivers. So we get a fair bit of little wildlife wandering through the yard. It is not fenced, which means when the dog wants to go out for a pee, I have to go with her. And stand and wait.

I have tried tying her outside on a rope, but she is then permanently paralyzed and won't move, no matter how long I leave her there! Soooo pathetic..... so stand with her I do.

The past couple of weeks has seen a plethora of bunnies wandering through the neighbourhood. And because my yard (the house is a rental) is unfenced, the bunnies are constantly in the grass, munching away at juicy blades of the green stuff.

Zoe is the kind of dog that needs the animal to move before she gives chase, which certainly works to my favour! So far, every time we have ventured out to the yard and there has been a bunny hunkered down in the grass, the dog waits for the rabbit to make the first move. Which means I have time to grab her collar and tell her to "leave it."

One of these days the bunny will make the mistake of going into the side yard, where it will be trapped by the house on one side and the fence on two - with the dog covering the fourth..... Here's hoping that doesn't happen, because I really don't want to pull a half killed bunny out of my dog's mouth! Eeeeewwww. Because then I would have to kill it completely and I am not really into snapping bunnies' necks to save them the agony of a slow and painful death after being mauled.

I'm just hoping the skunk that came by numerous times last summer isn't the one in the side yard when she goes on the attack. PEEEEEYYUUUUUWWWWWW!!!!

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