Sunday, May 25, 2008


Mother Nature has been wrecking havoc on the humans on this planet. Cleaning house, as it were - with the loss of lives staggeringly astronomical.

The Myanmar Cyclone death toll may hit 100,000. That may climb even higher due to the disease and pestilence that are resulting from the lack of aid and hampered clean-up efforts of humanitarian countries and organizations.

The Sichuan Earthquake death toll is estimated at 80,000. And there are five dams that are on the verge of bursting because of structural damage from the quakes. The aftershocks continue to destroy homes and displace people in the area.

The tornado season in USA has started early and with a vengeance. The record snowfalls for parts of Canada and the US (the eastern seaboard especially hard hit) have taken their toll. Now there are flood warnings in what used to be semi-arid Alberta, with spring rains causing rivers to rise dangerously.

Hurricanes have battered the US south and east coasts so many times in the past few years. What is mind boggling is that New Orleans is being rebuilt in that below sea level location once again. The logical minded just know it will be wiped off the map by another powerful hurricane, despite all the levies and efforts to protect it from the ocean.

The Santa Ana winds in California cause terrible wildfires and soil erosion, which leads to mudslides and flash floods as the winter rains pour in.

Heavy snowfalls, torrential spring rains and ice jams have caused flooding in the Dakotas and Manitoba of epic proportions in the past. What was once considered a 100 year flood has happened a couple of times in the past decade (or so).

What about the Bird Flu, SARS, hoof and mouth disease in our livestock, the viral diseases killing children in China? The burgeoning near pandemic levels of antibiotic resistant diseases that are plaguing hospitals and even the general population? When will the next plague-like disease strike humankind and wipe out hundred of thousands, if not millions? If we have no drugs to combat these diseases, only the strong or isolated will survive.

So what is Mother Nature's plan here? Is she sick and tired of how we are destroying this planet? Is she sending strong hints that there are way too many of us and we are using up space and resources at an alarming rate? Is she totally pissed off at us and has decided that the only way for us to take better care of Earth is by reducing the population, which will in turn reduce the negative effect we as a species have on the planet? The question is.... are we listening yet?


  1. Everytime I hear of a disaster I think the very same thing, what are humans doing to the Earth to make these things happen, and, what are the NOT doing to try and save the planet? We do as much as we can in this house, including walking and riding our bikes where we can without the driving of a car. Look after the Earth, and it may, just may be able to look after us...I don't know, but let's not say it is too late.

  2. Cazzie: Thanks for stopping by!

    I walk to work at the moment, as I live close, I ride my bike a lot and also walk the dog a lot. I recycle, re-use and all that stuff too. So I try to do my part as well.

    But with 6 billion folks on this planet, there are way too many doing too much harm. It's scary.

    On the BBC news yesterday, there was a bit about how we are losing 1% of all wildlife on the planet per year "accidently" - just because we are here and are expanding in numbers the way we are. I don't see that as accidental at all. Too many humans just don't get it. I am not militant about it and am not a tree hugging type, but awareness is so much a part of the solution, and too many are just so unaware of their impact... it's so sad.

    And I too hope it is not too late.


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