Wednesday, September 10, 2008


In just under two hours, I have a job interview. I already have a good job, but this one is a step up. It is within my unit in the hospital so no change in who I work with or where. But it would give me an opportunity to sit behind the desk and cut the wear and tear that my hands, feet and back have been taking in my nursing career.

If I am successful, I would become one of the Clinical Resource Nurses in our unit. That's a fancy name for Charge Nurse. There are three positions. One is vacant because the previous occupant moved on to bigger and better things at another hospital.

I am starting to get a bit nervous, but more because this will be a panel interview than anything else. I will know everyone on the panel, but there will be about 5 - 7 people looking at me and asking me questions. EEK!

I have new clothes, just got my teeth cleaned and have researched a lot of stuff that they will probably ask me. I am as prepared as I can be. Maybe I can dazzle them with my brilliant smile and they'll give me the job just to save their eyesight.

Wish me luck!


  1. Don't be nervous, it's all good mate!

    A new chapter, if not this position, then something else will catch your eye, you can only tread the boards for so long, (ex nurse talking, yep).

    I put 20 years into nursing then went into my own business, (property investing).

    There is a part of your heart and soul that always is with people, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do and want to follow.

    Do what I used to do with any job interview, picture them naked and drunk. :)

    I swear it's good for smiling and relaxing. Utilising shiny teeth is good.

    Good on you, hope it went well..


  2. Well, Pam, it is over, went okay (I think) and I should know if I got the position by the end of the week.

    I've been in nursing for 17 years now, having started in my 30's. I will be retiring from it, so that I can have a good pension. (Which will be another 14 years, unfortunately!) Plus I actually do like the work!

    Thanks for the thoughts!


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