Thursday, November 13, 2008

Giving For All The Right Reasons

I wept openly while watching this video. What an amazing father this man is, giving his son all the physical freedoms that he cannot do. This is LOVE.


  1. Team Hoyt!

    I remember this story when it was on a news show so many years ago. I remember thinking, wow, that's incredible. His dad had to learn how to swim so they'd be able to compete in triathlons. Truly a loving dad and a dedicated team.

    Their story moved me and they really do inspire people to do more to reach their dreams, never give up, and always keep moving forward.

  2. Tough. In so ziemlich jeder Richtung.

  3. I had seen this video back in March and it moved me so that I also posted it. It does our hearts good to see videos like these where the love for a child can literally move mountains. If you want some background information on Rick and Dick Hoyt please feel free to visit my blog here. Blessings - Rebecca


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