Thursday, November 6, 2008

Seasonal Change

On Monday this week, Winnipeg set a record high - we hit 18.8C on November 3rd, a temperature not seen since 1903. Not bad for a place with the same kind of climate as Siberia!

Today, however, when I came home from work near midnight, this is what greeted me when I stepped outside:

We aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto..... I think we just landed in Siberia for real! Ack!

Zoe, however, was quite pleased to see that the freezing rain and sleet we had earlier in the day had given over to white stuff on the ground, which she loves to play in and eat. Below she is grazing on the snow beside the sandbox in the back yard.

Tomorrow we are apparently in the market for another 5 - 10 cm of the white stuff. I had been planning on going to visit my horse since it is a day off for me, but considering it is a 50 minute trip, I will have to see what the weather is doing before I even think of heading out to the barn.



  1. Ach! It really is Winterpeg there, isn't it!

    It looks a bit more winterish here than it has lately...wind and a light cloud cover. I hope we don't get snow again though, I'm just not ready!


  2. It is even more wintery today than when I took those photos last night, Laurie. We got more snow overnight and will probably again tonight and tomorrow. Had to shovel the sidewalk today but my dog is sooooo excited with all the white stuff! She loves it.

    Hope you are well. And hugs back!

  3. My Zoe (gone two years now) also loved to play in/eat snow. At only 70 lbs, though, she would've been a little intimidated by yours!

  4. Andrea, my Zoe is the most non-confrontational dog you will ever meet. Even dogs who are very scared and submissive view her as non-threatening. The only ones who have been intimidated by her size have been a couple of toy breeds like Chihuahuas and poodles. Probably because they are smaller than her paws!

  5. Incredible, so this will go on for 4 or 5 months now? Soon you will have to put the anti cold things on your cars? (Something or other I picked up at Mr Coppen's's).

    Late spring here, color is yellows and golds, and it's dry... 25c to 36c.....shorts and t shirt weather. Harvest starts any week now. Snakes are coming into houseyard to lay on the even warmer concrete, I have to be vigilant the dogs don't chase them, get bitten.

    I think Zoe would love the scent of rabbits, the big paddocks to roam...does she play ball fetch it?


  6. PamOz: yep, we can now look forward to snow and cold until March or April. Depressing as it may sound, and as tough as it is when winter first hits, it is not all bad. At least, not until it gets really cold with temps colder than -20C.

    The cold weather thing on the car is a block heater. It is like an electric blanket built in to the engine block. The vehicles have a cord hanging out the front and we plug them in when it is really cold. This keeps the oil liquid enough that the engine can crank to start. Can't start an engine when the oil has the consistency of clay!

    Zoe is very familiar with rabbits - they are everywhere here! She spent her first four years on a farm (when I was still married) so she got to chase them and did roam the paddocks and pastures with the horses.

    And, no, she does not play fetch with a ball. Bullmastiffs don't do 'fetch'. She watches the ball go, just looking at it like "you want it back, you go get it"! Occasionally she will run after a stick when it is thrown, but she doesn't bring it back, just lays down on the ground to eat it.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of snow. The dog seems to be enjoying it. I like playing in the snow, but I don't like driving in it or shoveling pathways out of it!

  8. Eros: That is nothing as far as snow goes. We have more already and will be getting even more this week. This is only the beginning! I don't know where you live but where I was in Texas all I ever saw was a bit of freezing rain and ice that a few days.

    I am sure, in a month or so, we will have a foot or two of snow on the ground, and then some. January the real deep freeze hits (like -40 or so) and we all start praying for spring. Cabin fever gets bad when it is that cold because you can't go out and do anything without freezing off body parts.


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