Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Looking Forward To More Of This....

Thunder in snow a couple of years ago.

In case you can't read that thermomenter, it say -25C.....

Hoar frost is so beautiful....

HALP! Iz stuck an can't getz out!


This one says -36C.... BBBRRRRRRRR!!!!!!


  1. Oh no, that's terrible. Poor you sweetie that's just awful.

  2. Oh how I loathe converting Celsius to Farenheit. Unfortunately the only temperature that is easy to figure out is 40 below because then they both read 40 below...
    like it f*cking matters anymore.

  3. CyberPete: Well, it just goes with the territory in this neck of the woods.... we're a tough lot here.

    Anndi: Oh yes... and lots more to come, I am sure!

    Donn: You don't have to do the conversion with my photos - the thermometer has both F and C - just for you.

    And you're right - at -40F/C, it really doesn't matter anymore - everything is frozen f*cking solid!

  4. If it is really cold it becomes dry and clear - and then it is good, for the lungs, the brain, everything. Here it is fog from November to February and everybody is coughing and sneezing. But I doubt that I could re-adjust to this coldness.

  5. Mago: When it is really cold, it IS dry and clear, but everyone stays indoors, so we are all coughing and sneezing too, due to the close quarters and easy spreading of germs. (That ought to get Donn shuddering!)

    MJ: Not to be confused with whore frost, which is a cousin of genital warts....

  6. Awesome fotos. I particularly like the ones with all the animals. But the one with the trees looking like crystals is magnificent.

    That's cold, though the pets seem to be enjoying themselves. Those must be some tiny birds hanging off your Xmas lites!

  7. Eros: In the sunlight, the hoar frost glistens and sparkles like jewels. It is stunning!

    Yes, those are very tiny birds. I don't know what they are but they always come in flocks and cheep and twitter away - it is very pleasant.

  8. Holy moly! I thought New Hampshire was cold but that's ridiculous :(

  9. Just Bob: New Hampshire is positively balmy compared to Winterpeg! You may get snow but you don't know what real cold is until you've live here for a winter or two.


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