Monday, July 28, 2008



My new house, which I am loving so don't get me wrong, is still a mass of unpacked boxes and things with no places yet. And there is only lil ole me to do all the work!

Guess I will just have to take my time and slog through it all. One day... one day... it will all be done....

The kitchen:

The dining area in the kitchen:

More stuff in the kitchen: (not everyone has a lifesize plastic horse head... or a cute cat with a bottlebrush for a tail!)

The recroom in the basement is a DISASTER!:

Another angle on the recroom:

When I get everything sorted out and in its place, I will post more pics to show what it SHOULD look like! I'm sweating already, just thinking about how much there is to do.... gadzooks!


  1. I really like your new home! The light and ambience, the space appears good...

    You can have fun creating and arranging at your leisure! steady as it goes, and you don't even need to do much? It looks so good already.

    Say, I am wondering about the tiles (floor), in Winnipeg, and that's where Donn lives, and it's so very cold, or rather it gets so damn cold, what sort of heating would you have, are those tiles gunna be cool?

    They are something we would put in in the units up in North Queensland, in the humid, hot places.

    I thought for a moment I had arrived in a scene of The Godfather! A horse head casually laying around. :)

    Your header pic of the horses is a beauty! I love it. But have you just exercised them? They are steamy?

    We are just in early stages of educating a weanling, "Zorba", he is so beautiful, so adaptable, so enjoying his new learning curve, and a little show off.


  2. Pam:

    Thanks! I didn't really need to do anything to the house, although I did paint in the livingroom to change the colours. Make it more 'my' space...

    The ceramic tiles on the floor are quite cool. But I tend to wear slippers (aka Crocs) all the time. The tiles are cool year round, but on hot summer days can be quite welcoming, unless you've got the central air on - then they are downright chilly! Yes, it gets cold in the winter here in Winnipeg (have good central heating for that), but is hot and humid in the summer.

    That horse head is left over from a few years ago when I had my own business making horse bridles and halters - needed a model. Not sure what I am going to do with the damn thing now! Maybe I will hang it on the wall in the recroom - kinds like a 'hunting trophy'!

    The header pic was taken after a summer rain - it was a very hot day, rained hard for a brief time and the horses were steaming just from getting wet. Cool photo, isn't it! I am quite pleased I was home to catch that one.

    Are your horses any partidular breed? And do you train for any specific discipline? I ride mostly Western now (I show in some of the local shows in Western Pleasure, Trail, Reining) but used to ride dressage - which I think I will start again in the fall - my current horse has only done Western - time to broaden his horizons, me thinks...


  3. Your country Canada takes some figuring out! It is full of surprises and none more with the weather, humidity too, it's a place of extremes, like here in a sense, with our desert weather.

    We have thoroughbreds and standardbreds, so gallopers and pacers. We are dual licenced for both codes of racing.

    We breed them, imprint them ...
    Educate, and then race..a great sense of satisfaction taking the babies to their full potential.

    A 12 year below (well below) average rainfall, has seen us take breeding to a grinding halt, everyone is short of (pasture) feed, hay and the bought feeds.

    My cousins are into equestrian, and the small town that is nearby us has quite a few people into the Western riding/shows, they pack up their floats and caravans and follow some of the circuit.

    You can make horse gear! My partner's older family were saddlers and the younger ones still can make headstalls and sew some gear..a reasonable sort of headstall (non leather, mainly all plastic these days) fetches about the $30-40 Oz dollars, there are cheaper but probably not suitable quality for occ health and safety reasons, (is pretty high for racing).

    The horses have bought so much love, fun and enjoyment to our lives. They are what bought myself and partner together, how we eventually met.

    There will always be horses in our lives, somehow they are in our souls. Had the pleasure of meeting and learning so much from Monty Roberts too, kinda like we had this feeling of being able to communicate better with horses, than along came Monty!

    We all ride and can drive horses here, the kids not so much into horses, but we are both horse obsession people. :)


  4. Pam, how difficult it must be to have the drought affect so much of your livelihood. I can only imagine.

    But you are so right in that horses are part of you, once you get them in your blood. I sometimes go a while without seeing mine, owing to work and other obligations, but I know he's well cared for and he's always happy to see me when I get to the barn.

    I made my horse gear out of Biothane, which is wonderful stuff and I believe very similar to the stuff used in Oz. Zilco comes to mind; not sure if I am remembering correctly. Did it for a couple of years but took a ton of time and not really a feasible business so quit in 2004. Still have supplies on hand, though, so can still make my own!

    Yes, Canada is a land of extremes. We have everything from desert to rain forest to arctic tundra to huge icefields. The Prairies are something to behold, as are the Rocky Mountains, the Great Lakes, and numerous other places. Being such a large country allows for a hugely varied landscape from one coast to the other. Gorgeous country and I am proud to call it home.

    How cool that you met Monty Robert! I attended a four day seminar (just audited it) of John Lyons when I lived in San Diego, CA, years ago. That was awesome. Somewhere I have a picture of me with him; me sunburned and him no taller than me (I am 5'9"). Super nice guy and very talented with the horses.



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