Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Tuesday was the day for Thunder to get his toenails trimmed. They were getting a tad long as Rob, the farrier, had taken a week's vacation so Thunder went longer than usual between trims. Normally I have Rob come out to the barn every six weeks, as Thunder has very healthy feet and grows lots of hoof in that time span. This time, he went seven weeks and it was quite noticeable! He also got brushed and his mane nicely braided.... love that first two tone braid!

In some of the pictures, you can see scars and fuzzy hair on Thunder's legs and neck. Four years ago, he should have died. We had a couple of very wet summer and alsike clover took over our pasture. I lost one yearling to colic and a few weeks later, Thunder got horribly ill with liver damage, colic and grossly swollen legs. That's for another post sometime, though, but suffice to say his will to live is very strong and he is such a sweet horse that I did everything I could to save him.

Today he has minor limitations from the scarring - mostly on his left front leg (can't cross that leg over in front of his right) and the left side of his neck (doesn't flex well going to the right - the scar is tight). Given his atheticism with all these scars, I can only imagine how much more fabulous he would be if this had never happened!

This shot is strictly for WW! If you think YOU've got nose hairs, check out these! And Thunder is quite willing to have the camera pointed up a nostril to illustrate just how large and clear his are. You can also see how lumpy his pink nose is... that turned completely black and the skin died when he was sick, so it is all scar tissue. Needless to say, he is not fond of having his nose petted.

Rob, the farrier, told me he didn't want any shots of his bum in here, but no one can post about a farrier without a backside view.... because that is what we see mostly of them! Sorry Rob... couldn't resist!


  1. Thunder is so beautiful, we love the greys, only ever had the fortune to ever have but one in our lives..

    He is so handsome, I love the jaw, his eye, just everything, kinda boy you just wanna go for a ride and have a talk to him.

    Great pictures, his feet are in good nick, your farrier is cute!

    What a beautiful horse, and look at him so well behaved.

    Please give him a pat and a cuddle, such a proud creature.


  2. Thanks, Pam. He is a beautiful creature, both inside and out. He is the second grey I have had in my life - the first was a grey overo Paint mare. Wonderful girl - a short little tank but a blast to ride!

    Thunder is very handsome, isn't he. He has such a soft, kind eye, is very well behaved and is a character to boot! Wonderfully smooth to ride as well. Fabulous work ethic - always tries hard and never gets pissy. Loves to just hang out and do whatever.

    Thanks for your comments. I will be sure to give him a hug and a pat when next I see him - just from you!


  3. He is beautiful!
    And fab feet!
    You're obviously a great horse-woman to have such a wonderful horse.

  4. Ziggi, thanks for the compliments to both Thunder and myself.

    I have had him since he was a yearling (he is six now) and have done lots of ground work with him, so his manners are wonderful... but it is partly just his personality too. He is patient and not pushy and listens well.

    He IS beautiful, isn't he? I am so not biased! LOL! He is a constant joy in my life.


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