Sunday, July 27, 2008


Came across some pics online of a guy down in San Diego who, after having a dream many years ago, decided to go to the extreme of becoming as cat-like as he can, for a human bean.

He started out looking like this:

After a dream, where his Native American heritage played a part in giving him the name of 'Stalking Cat', he decided to transform himself into a cat.

Now he looks like this:

He has had his entire body tattooed, mostly with tiger stripes, but his arms do sport green scales, so I am assuming he had those tattooed before the dream. Not sure there's anything like an amphibious tiger out there...

His teeth have been filed down and capped with fangs, his upper lip has been altered to look like a cat's (which apparently makes him very difficult to understand when he talks), he's had 'whiskers' implanted above his upper lip, he wears contact lenses with vertical slits to get the feline gaze, his ears have been trimmed to points, and his finger nails are long and filed to points to resemble claws.

Now, apparently this guy is a mild mannered computer programmer who has spent 25 years and hundred of thousands of dollars on all these alterations. But he isn't finished yet! He wants to find a way to have actual tiger pelts transplanted onto his body to complete the transformation.

So.... this begs the question: what the hell is he going to look like at 80 and will he ever regret what he has done?


  1. OMG! That's gotta be plastic surgery nightmare stuff! How horrible - she was kinda cute back in the 70's and now looks like a deformed Catwoman. They do kinda look alike, though, don't they? She just needs some tats to match his.

  2. I just told someone about this poor bastard...he is certifiable and any surgeon who agrees to go along with his little plan should have his ticket yanked!

    This dude is whack..and judging by that profile picture it also looks like he had breast implants thrown in for good measure..prolly freebies for having so much work done!

    He may be the nicest guy in the world but he is obviously a few straws short of a bale. ..hey it's a free country although it cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Go get 'em Tiger.. MeeOUCH!

  3. Donnnnn: he is definitely a nutjob... I don't know how any surgeon or dentist could agree to work on him.... but California is quite a different place and there are some really strange people there. I lived in San Diego for three years and saw all kinds of oddities... never saw this guy, though.

    He certainly does have kitty titties, doesn't he!?!?

    MEouch is right....

  4. Nooo waaaay!

    Last night on tv there was a guy who has had metal implants in his scalp to which "horns" in little devil horns can be screwed on, or if, umm, he isn't feeling, umm, horny? little screw on studs..

    He was such a sweet and intelligent guy, (he was interviewed), and next, he is going to have his nipples cut off.

    Yes, that's fair dinkum. Nipples off.

    I don't know, I just don't know.


  5. These people have so lost touch with reality.... it is quite sad. And what is just as sad is there are so many professionals who will happily go along with them, adding to their oddity with all these procedures - isn't there something criminal about all that?

  6. Who are all you people to judge? As adults you should know that there is little in this world more valuable than the freedom of expressing your heart and and your dreams. These individuals have the ability to do that, how many of you are so fortunate to work in a career that allows you complete freedom to be who you are without false pretenses? What a bunch of judgmental, prejudicial, holier-than-thou people you all are... You think you're better than either of these human beings because you don't agree with their life style? You don't know anything about their hearts or their minds. How dare you be so condescending. You people make me sick, thank the goddess that I have the freedom to believe and express myself as I choose in the USA. Grow up, seriously...


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