Thursday, July 17, 2008


This evening, while I was out walking my dog, I saw one of these in a tree around the corner from my (new!!!) house. I only noticed because three or four Blue Jays were squawking and carrying on in this one tree. So I stopped to have a look, as I like to watch the birds on occasion. It is not every day that you see a Great Horned Owl during the day, never mind in the city. So I enjoyed the glimpse I got through the foliage. Very cool!


  1. Hooo-ray!
    Look at those peepers eh?

    My Grandma saw an Owl sitting on her bedroom window sill (on Valour Road) the night that my Grandpa was just staring at her...
    so now we're all superstitious about Owls.

    How is the new place? Does it feel like home?

  2. That would be kinda creepy, having an owl outside the window the night someone dies... but then again, owls are pretty cool and maybe it was just there to see him safely to wherever he was going in the afterlife...

    The new place is very cluttered at the moment, what with having to re-assemble everything and decide where stuff goes. But it's comin' along. Will feel like home soon enough... what a lot of work! I think I need to sleep for a week now....


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