Friday, December 12, 2008

Just Chillin'

I probably won't be around for a while....

I have too much to do right now....

Between getting ready for Christmas...

Working extra shifts to pay the bills....

And just needing to get away from the computer for a while....

Cuz I spend way too much of my time in front of this infernal machine....

I am spent...

And not just $$$...

My life away from this thing is not what I want it to be...

Is not what I need it to be....

And for the most part, that is out of my control....

So it is time to just chill... kick back.... take stock of things...

Figure out where my life is leading me...


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Tomorrow I leave my house which has been home for 4 years to live alone in a room in a shared house in Amsterdam. I'll stay there for six months and then I'll return to the UK. I left 8 years ago and now I'm going back. Back to square one really. So the next six months is going to be limbo. I can't even start to make a new home.

    You have my every sympathy and I hope to hear soon that you have the bull by the horns and are back in control.

    Chat with Fammy whenever you desire. :-)

  2. Oh thank you, Fammy.... it means a lot that you understand and are supportive.

    I hope your 6 months' in limbo goes quickly and that heading back to the UK will be going home for real.

  3. Feel free to email me if you'd like to chat, proper rather than just comments on blogs.

    Obviously that requires time on interweb thingy, so goes against your plan. But offer stands... :-)


  4. This so-called hobby can easily become an obssession and why I ever decided to try to follow 100 other blogs is beyond me.

    I think that I so thrilled to find evidence that confirms my belief that there are thousands and millions of bright articulate funny people all over the world and we finally have a way to meet.

    The world seems to be designed to make our lives frantic and keep us occupied so that we don't take notice of what is actually happening.

    You need to centre..but keeping your cyber-mojo rising is also a good way to appreciate that friends can be found in all sorts of places...and without that we won't learn as much about ourselves.

    I tried just visiting for two weeks and rather enjoyed it..might do it again in Jan.
    Tonight is so f*cking cold I could scream...but what better excuse to travel around the world and chit chat.

    See ya when I see ya Ponita.

  5. I have been a real blogger slacker of late, so I can understand your need to "get away".

    Enjoy your time, live in the moment and know that you will be missed, but not forgotten.

    Big hugs,

  6. Donn: Yes, I do need to centre... and I have been having difficulty doing that recently - too many disappointments in my life - both with myself and with others.... but I am working on it; at least on myself, which is the only thing I can work on.

    I will be visiting off and on. Not sure when I will post again, but I am sure it will come.

    See you around! And thanks.... ;-)

    Laurie: Thanks for the hugs. They are always welcome!

  7. Donn: It was -45 with the wind last night when I came home from work.... why do we live here again?

    If you screamed, it would be left hanging in the air as ice particles anyway, so no one would hear you....

  8. Hmhm, hope you find what you want to find.

  9. Mago: The search is pretty much in limbo at the moment; that which I desire does not desire me. Hence the required hiatus, if I can bring myself to steer clear of this contraption. Success is slow in coming... but with the burgeoning frustration comes strength to stay away.

  10. :) Pull the plug and do the OM (but do the bloground and attend strange parties) - go with the flow and don't listen to these cyber-voices .. it's time-eating, but better as tv because you have to make your own pictures (that's MJ's secret). On the other hand I found concentrating on mine not too difficult in the form of a kind of routine, a candle and half an hour of silence and concentration, you just have to come back.
    (Sorry I am very tired now.)

  11. Mago: I intend on visiting blogs a bit, but mostly just chilling out and doing stuff that doesn't require a computer. I think my butt and my brain are both tired of sitting in front of this thing. Besides, with Christmas just around the corner, there will be plenty to keep me occupied and distracted.

  12. Do enjoy your time away. Life happens when we least expect it. So go out and be merry, take stock of the good things in your life and be happy for your good fortune, and know that you do have what it takes to forge your own path and find your own way to happiness and serenity.

    Everyday you're alive is another opportunity to live life to the fullest and do what makes you happy.

  13. Yer pics bring me back to a thought I've thought so MANY times:

    "Who rules whom?"

  14. I can so relate to what you are going through, but I also relate to what Donn says: oftentimes I find intelligence and warmth only from my blog family. Still in all, it is good to get away and take stock every now and again. Not that I am one to be able to tout that to you ... it took me getting very sick over Christmas to understand the value in being away from my computer and such for more than 12 consecutive hours! Now isn't that a sad way to be! I do hope you find the peace you are seeking.


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