Sunday, December 7, 2008

What An Ordeal!

Saturday morning, when I took Zoe out for her morning walk, it was -24C......

There was, however, a wind from the north.....

this isn't called Winterpeg for nothing......

which gave us a windchill of -31C!

Zoe wore her stylish winter coat by Ruffwear, made of tough Cordura Nylon in two tone black and royal blue, with reflective piping on the sides, and sporting a chest protector with stretch, quick-release straps. Her booties are Muttluks, with genuine leather soles and a warm fleece lining.

My outerwear, however, consisted of a gazillion layers in an effort to avoid total body frostbite within the first two minutes of exposure to the very nasty elements.

In no particular order (I am sure you will be able to pick them out in the photo above), I piled on (and this is over top of my bra and panties) (and, no, there will not be any photos of that) a pair of polar fleece longjohns, a long sleeved t-shirt, regular cotton socks, a pair of big wooly socks, a polar fleece pullover, wind pants lined with fleece, a tuque, a double layer fleece scarf, a down parka with hood, snowmobile mitts with glove liners, and Sorel Glacier boots, cold rated to -100.

I did not wear the cat. She has the brains to stay inside the house at this time of year. (Let's see who can pick her out of all those clothes!)

All this just to take the dog out for a poop and a bit of a romp in the snow. She is only getting one good walk a day when it is this cold, so it needs to be one where she can run and play.

The tuque was pulled down over my eyebrows. The scarf was doubled over and pulled up over my nose. I was completely unrecognizable. I could have robbed a bank and no one would be able to give the police a description except that I have blue eyes....

I think we were outside for all of 20 minutes.... it took me longer to get the dog and myself dressed!

I think I heard something about another three months of this.... GAK!


  1. I didn't even notice the cat.

    The cat also has the brains to make you work for a living to bring home her bacon.

  2. Why? Why does anyone live there?

    That is some cold...

    I assume that commuting any serious distance to work there is not really gonna happen?

    Starting world domination from there would be a summer event, I thinking...

  3. MJ: the cat is on the fleece pullover. She kinda blends in to the black on the sleeves. You can just make out a bit of white on her face.

    Yeah, she ain't no dummy!

    Fammy: It's not this bad all the time... but this also isn't as bad as it can get. I don't know why I live here either.

    Well, actually I do - family. This is home. What more can I say?

    There are folks who live outside the city (I used to be one of them) and commute in every day for work. A 4x4 vehicle and good winter tires are a must!

    Most things here are summer events.... ;-)

  4. Interesting area. The cat - of duct vent fame? - looks a little "strubbelig", hmm ... will "bedhead" do? Tousled?

  5. Mago: yes that is the cat of heating duct fame. And she always looks like she has bed-head. Her hair just grows that way. Kind of a punk look!

  6. i shall stop complaining about the heavy frost that lingers here in the mornings ...

  7. What, no chapstick?

    That is some serious layering for some serious cold! Thank god for indoor plumbing!


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