Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year That Was....

Well... 2008 has been quite the year for me!

January saw me venture into online dating. There are supposed to be plenty of fish in the sea, and in February/March, I thought I had reeled in a keeper. That, however, did not pan out in my favour, so the line went back in the pond....

March was the month that my ex finally got around to giving me the $$ buy-out from our property division. This meant there were a few things I could now afford to do, number one being look for a house!

April saw me buy my very first house, owned only by me (well, me and the bank, but whatever..). It meant another move (in July) a year after the one following the demise of my marriage. But this move was exciting and uneventful (thankfully!).

It also meant buying new livingroom furniture, new washer and dryer and painting the livingroom (the first in a very long list of anticipated home renos that will take me years to complete... only to start all over again as the first renos will then be outdated.... *sigh*).

May saw my horse go to my best friend for a couple of months' further education, as I could foot the bill for that for a while. He's such a fun horse to ride and tries so very hard when you are teaching him something new. Thunder had fun and I know my friend did too! This is what she does for a living, but she really has fun with the horses she knows well.

June saw the addition of Pips (aka That Damn Cat) to the family. BB, the old kitty codger in the house, took her appearance in stride with nary a whisker out of place. Zoë was so relaxed about it, it was silly. Pips, on the other hand, was the one hissing and growling for weeks on end every time she saw BB. She absolutely loves the dog, however, and snuggles up to Zoë whenever possible. The dog tolerates her with an air of resigned mild interest.

June also saw another fish pulled from the sea... but that one turned out to be of little interest... didn't have the strength and spunk to make it game enough for me....

July was the month my divorce went through. That is one chapter of my life I am glad is closed....

September, the fridge that came with my house (a relic from the 80's, I swear! it was Harvest Gold.... ugh) decided to become incontinent and piddled on the kitchen floor with great regularity. It did, however, continue to keep things cold and frozen where they should be cold and frozen. However, it was not long before I grew tired of having a towel living on my kitchen floor to catch the effluent. So a brand new fridge found its way into my kitchen (and onto my credit card...) and the old one lived on the deck until carted away to wherever old, leaky fridges go.

At the end of September came another catch of potential interest from the fish pond. This One seemed quite game although very Busy. But I was patient and we slowly seemed to be moving along. And I was pleased.

There have been a few bites throughout the year, on the line I have cast into that pond over and over again. Most are only that - the barest nibble. At times, when I take a look at what has grabbed onto the hook, I have to cut it loose and try again.... and make sure my toes aren't near the edge... there's sharks in them thar waters!

In October, finally... I underwent surgery to remove my gallbladder. It had been plaguing me with belly aches and hot air for several years, defying diagnosis until finally viewed via MRI - twice. The offending organ was removed via a little hole just above my belly button. I am toying with the idea of a belly button piercing to hide that thing - makes me look like I have two!

Just six days after my surgery, That Damn Cat began her escapades which resulted in a huge vet bill for emergency xrays, surgery, drugs, etc. She needs to learn to be more discretionary about what she consumes. And to not have a totally hissy fit when confined to an entire bedroom, attempting escape through the heating ducts.... That became a costly, messy affair that had me at my wit's end until she was safely extracted from said duct in the basement. Totally unscathed... just very tired. Damn cat....

November, there were spiders in the snow (I kid you not... really) and general evolutions in the goings on with the Busy One. As the month progressed, he began to draw away....

Early December... the Busy One decides he doesn't have the time or energy for a relationship but still wants to be friends... yeah... riiiight.... and the line snapped, with that fish plunging back into the sea, never to be heard from again.

Then, out of the blue, from another pond, comes a tiny nibble.... an interesting nibble.... one that continues to nibble as I wriggle the line.... hmmmmm.

Just before Christmas, as I am working extra shifts, trading shifts and ending up with a schedule that sees me working 14 shifts in 16 days (five on, one off, three on, one off, six on)... the week before Christmas, I take my truck in for winter servicing, an oil change, and could you please adjust my parking brake as it doesn't hold worth a damn anymore?

Well... was I in for a rude surprise! The rear differential was leaking - blown seal - into the brakes. So guess what.... I had a huge bill just before Christmas... one that I certainly did not need. But the truck works just fine now....

Christmas Day I was so tired I couldn't get out the door until 4:00 p.m. to go to my niece's house for dinner and gift exchanging. Had a great time, as always, but was totally fried and left for home around 8:00 p.m. Such a party pooper! But I left my camera behind by accident... well, that will be another post soon. They had a good laugh adding to the shots already captured on it.

It is now New Year's Eve. I have spend a couple of hours chatting with my fish in that pond. I worked today and have tomorrow off. I plan on watching tv for a while tonight. Not sure if I will make it to midnight, but that is not a big deal. It is already the New Year in a good portion of the planet.

I hope all of you out there in the Blogiverse have wonderful New Years, wherever you are. May 2009 be full of the wonders of life, the joys of living and the riches that come with a heart full of love.


  1. Good morning and a good New Year - my heartfelt best wishes for you fishermaid!

  2. Good erm, morning. Well it is here already and welcome to 2009.

    Sounds a full year for you. Mines been A Year of Unexpected Events too. I say that we all hit 2009 running and catch it by surprise... :-)

  3. Ponita Pam, that is one hell of a year mate.


    May 2009 bring all the happiness and fun you desire and lots of laughs too.



  4. Happy New Year Ponita! Wow - what a year 2008 was for you, eh? I agree, let's all hit 2009 running and storming and take it by surprise! I, too, was divorced in 2008 - but my divorce is way weirder than yours! I'm glad you are being the wise fisherman (eg, taking your time, playing the line rather than snatching it up at 1st nibbles, and not hesitating when it's clear the fish is a throw-back!). You've earned the right to be both particular, and safe - good on you! Oh btw - I think your old refrigerator was related to my old dishwasher, seeing as how they were both incontinent in their old ages! I love the way you spin words! Magic, pure magic! Keep it up!

  5. Happy New Year PG - good luck with your nibbles and hope that 2009 brings you peace, love, health and happiness; plus all your dreams coming true!

    (be careful what you wish for tho!)


  6. Mago, Famulus, PamOz, EC and zIggI:
    Thanks somuch for all the great wishes! I wish everyone of you all the best as well. Hopefully we can all take 2009 by the horns and get what we need and want from it. Hugs all round!

  7. Meanwhile...I'm just kinda checkin' out your new profile pic and whistling under my breath (yeah, yeah...I know...I'm a guy).

    Here's hoping you have a wonderful 2009 (and great luck fishing)!

  8. Jonas is right! Another great pic of you! Hope you are enjoying the first week of New Year. You've had quite the year, and the lessons you've learned will serve you well this year, the seeds you planted before will start to sprout now.

  9. Jonas and Eros: Somehow, I knew that pic would draw some comments.... ;-) What can I say? Except, thanks!

  10. Wishing only beautiful things for you in 2009.

  11. Wow -- you had quite the year. I have a hard time remembering what happened last month let alone a whole year ago! And I'm so glad I'm not out there in the ocean with you, though I can see lots of potential for fun anyway!

  12. Anna: Thank you. And I wish you the same, with your lovely little girls and J... all the best!

    Andrea: There is potential for fun, that is true, but the frustation level is incredibly high.... so I have given it up for the time being.

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