Monday, December 29, 2008


Boxing Day was a lovely day... with a high temp of -6C. So lovely that myself, Zoë, my sister and her dogs trucked around the dog park for an hour. The dogs had a blast running through the snow and playing, with no winter clothing on.

Today, as I get ready to take Zoë for a walk, it is -21... but feels like -30 because of the wind.

Layer upon layer... just to survive a trundle so the dog can run and burn off some steam. Sometimes I wish I had a 10 lb dog instead of a 100 lb dog - so that she could run around the house for exercise when it is this cold.

*sigh... very big sigh*


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  2. Well I certainly hope you got all the boxes your heart desired! And maybe some parcels and envelopes, too to celebrate Boxing day ;)

    Lucky, lucky dog to have such a wonderful, loving owner. Well, small dogs are loud and annoying; they might get eaten by the cat.

  3. Think "Brendel" and enjoy whatever you have ...

  4. Hahaha, Eros! Did absolutely nothing with boxes that day... but it's nice to have a second stat holiday right after Christmas (and before New Year's).

    Mago: ... right, you're right.... I would have put that thing down years before.... gak!


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